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Management Team

Mr. Sanjay U Bhongale

He plays the role of a perfect mediator between the management & client – to enable smooth materialization of agreements. His operation strategies are well planned, practical and adaptable. Troubleshooting across all functions is his forte. He has matured with every experience in life, and today he is one of the best team leaders in the organization.

Ms. Kavita V. Bhongale

A young & dynamic aspirant armed with a Post Graduation degree in Construction Management is the Group’s new age planner & executor. Her strong focus on perfection has played a major role in the growth & expansion of the business.

Today, she leads and directs the company’s organization planning, resources management and is responsible for making innovative, cost-efficient use of technology to achieve best construction quality.

Her futuristic vision, along with up-to-date knowledge of new technology, has played an instrumental role in leading the organization towards a new horizon.

Mr. Yogesh V. Bhongale

Mr. Yogesh V. Bhongale, a London School of Economics graduate, is a true visionary. His undivided focus on customer satisfaction and thrust towards introducing new technology has proved to be a constant booster to the company’s endeavors, inherent strengths that have driven Yogesh Enterprises to greater heights with every passing year.

Under the tutelage of his father Vinayak Bhongle, Yogesh was initiated into the world of real estate at an early stage of his life. Years of intensive training, supplemented by his keen interest in the industry, contributed to Vinayak developing into a scion in the construction field at a young age. Higher education played a massive role in refining his qualities as a budding entrepreneur and has helped him assimilate all the ground rules learnt on field in a systematic, focused professional framework, to take Yogesh Enterprises to new heights.

Mr. Praadip Tayade

Associated with us for more than two decades, he is a hardcore finance controller. Mr. Tayade is an extremely matured, thorough planner, a visionary and a seasoned administrator.

His diversified skill set extends beyond usual corporate boundaries. Currently, he is shouldering the responsibilities of the Group with acute perfection, smart decision making and excellent leadership skills. He possesses expertise in the art of applying the best of his experience towards the growth of business in all directions.